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Registering as an accommodation partner

Become a SwitzerlandMobility accommodation partner and benefit from an entry on the website, web map and the free SwitzerlandMobility app. These channels attract more than 30 million visits annually. The SwitzerlandMobility app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times.
Sign up today for your entry with address, photo and link to your own website. You can find some examples here.
Registering at SwitzerlandMobility is subject to a fee (from CHF 160.00 per year). The foundation operates on a non-profit basis. Its objective is to promote non-motorized traffic for leisure and tourism. The registration fee for your entry will be used in its entirety for this objective.

Find more information and registration information here:
 Registration form (9.50 MB)

Plan your own tour suggestions for your guests

The SwitzerlandMobility Plus drawing tool enables you to create personal tour proposals for guests on the SwitzerlandMobility web map and manage all in your own personal tours account. You may embed a link to your planned tour on your own website, enabling your guests to print it out free of charge on the SwitzerlandMobility web map. Please note: due to licensing terms of use, only the link to your route may be embedded on your website, not a direct link to the printable pdf version.

Example of a self-planned tour
You can also depict your self-planned tour directly on your website with the SwitzerlandMobility web map API. See below.

Example of a self-planned tour with the SwitzerlandMobility web map API
To use this service you must first subscribe to the SwitzerlandMobility Plus services for a small fee. See for yourself how easy it is to use this great drawing tool!

How does it work? (in French or German)

Deep links for SwitzerlandMobile routes

On your website, you can create a link to any chosen route description on www.switzerlandmobility.ch. On using the Email icon «share link» at the top left of the corresponding page, you get a permanent link. The thereby generated URLs remain valid even if SwitzerlandMobile makes changes on its website. Please note: you can only obtain permanent links for descriptions of routes or parts of routes as well as information on sites.

From your website you can also create a link to any chosen map section or map content on map.schweizmobil.ch. On using the function «share link» in the menu, you get a permanent link. The thereby generated URLs remain valid even if SwitzerlandMobile makes changes on its web maps.

SwitzerlandMobility web map API (free)

The SwitzerlandMobility web map API (version 3.0) allows you as a SwitzerlandMobility partner to embed swisstopo maps on your own website. The API is available to partners with the consent of SwitzerlandMobility.
The web map API (Version 3.0) allows SwitzerlandMobility partners to integrate information provided by SwitzerlandMobility (e.g. routes, scenic attractions, restaurants and hotels, or self-planned tours) in their own websites. This information is not interactive on the map. The web map API can be zoomed in and navigated up to a scale of 1:10,000.
The link «Larger maps & print» below the web map API opens the SwitzerlandMobility map in a new window with full functionality, allowing it to be printed out by the guest free of charge.

Please contact us if you are interested in this offer:

This offer is only valid for official partners of SwitzerlandMobility, not for private individuals.

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Example of a local route