Swiss Alpine Club SAC

Partnership Swiss Alpine Club with SwissMobility

The Swiss Alpine Club SAC is one of the largest sports associations in Switzerland with more than 160,000 members. The SAC promotes mountain sports as an experience for a broad population and is committed to sustainable development and the preservation of the mountains.

As a showcase for mountain sports SchweizMobil, in partnership with the Swiss Alpine Club SAC, presents a selection of moderately difficult tours in alpine terrain. All detailed information about these tours is available free of charge on the SAC Route Portal. No subscription is necessary.

The tours are not signposted.

Hiking or climbing on tours in alpine terrain requires good physical health, meticulous preparation and technical skills in mountain sports. The tours presented here are undertaken at one’s own risk. If you want to safely practice mountain sports, taking training courses run by experts is highly recommended by the SAC.

All the contents of the SAC Route Portal are put together with utmost diligence. However, the Swiss Alpine Club and the authors cannot guarantee that the information provided here is up-do-date, correct and complete. Therefore, the SAC and the authors cannot be held liable for possible errors.