Successful tour planning

Step by step to the summit

Serious tour planning is the key to a successful and safe mountain experience. It saves us from dangerous situations and provides secure foundations for the tour.

How to plan an outing

Leaflets for tour planning

The SAC has put together practical leaflets, brochures and documents for tour planning. These are not a substitute for training (german) or for comprehensive specialist books (german). The topics include hiking, mountaineering techniques, emergency situations and rescue etc.

Leaflets for tour planning (in german)

Difficulty Scale

In Switzerland, route difficulty specifications are an important tool in route planning. In addition to the assessment, they provide information about the requirements, the terrain to be expected and the security status.

Difficulty Scale


In cooperation with the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF), the SAC offers leaflets, brochures and tools for tour planning.

Caution Avalanches