Stopovers in the mountains

SAC Huts
From your comfortable hiking hut with finely prepared food to the self-catering hut, to the lonely bivouac over 4000 m above sea level - there is a diverse variety of SAC huts. You are welcome in all, whether an SAC member or not.

Being together on the hut can be a great experience if you know a few rules:
the hut etiquette (in german).

Finding huts and reserving a space
Both summer and winter, whether its a leisurely hike you're after, or a ski tour in the high mountains - in the SAC «Tourenportal» you will find the right accommodation for your venture
reserve your sleeping space

Camping and bivouacking in the mountains
So that your overnight stay in the open air does not lead to a 'rude awakening', the SAC has put together tips.
camping and bivouacking in the mountains (in german).