Orientation with the smartphone and SwitzerlandMobility

Switzerland Mobility - always know where you are!

The SwitzerlandMobility app displays the official Swisstopo maps up to a scale of 1: 10,000 on your smartphone while out and about. When the GPS function is switched on, you can always find your exact location.

With SwitzerlandMobility Plus, you are able to plot a GPS track on your computer and save it; this can then be called up in the App on your smartphone during the tour. You can also save the sections of map you need on you smartphone, meaning they can still be used when off-line. It is strongly recommended to utilise this offline function in the mountains, as telephone reception is not guaranteed everywhere.

Tours drawn on the SAC's route portal and other GPX programs can also be saved directly in the SwitzerlandMobility Plus account and accessed on the go. A link to your planned route can be sent via email to your team mates, so that everyone has the same information.

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